Ceremonies That We Perform

Rev. Harpreet Sandhu is an ordained minister and can officiate the following ceremonies. If you should have any questions, please feel free to call.

Weddings: We can work with you to create a beautiful and spiritual ceremony, integrating your innermost wishes with the ritual of the marriage vows. We can work within your religious/spiritual framework and incorporate as much or as little of the traditional ceremonial ornamentation of your heritage as you desire. It is your wedding and it should be done as pleases your spirit.

Last Rites: We assist and enable the dearly departed to move on, along the next step of their journey. We assist those that are left behind to release and let go the departed so as not to hold them back from their next step in evolution and growth. We also assist the living to move on and call back their energy from the departed, so that they can go on with their lives and see the situation in its proper perspective. We bless the event.

First Rites: We create an atmosphere to welcome the newly embodied spirit into this world and assist in the spiritual understanding of the event. We assist in the spiritual bonding between the child and the parents and in the acceptance of the blessings that the baby spirit brings to this world and to the lives of the parents and the extended family.

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