Our Creed

We, the children, who represent the church of God on this Earth have the divine right to know and express our true spiritual heritage beyond the superficialities imposed upon us by our family, our peers, our tribe, our society, our job, our religion and even our country. We believe that it is time for the human race to enter within, into the New Age of awareness, an era of Light and an era of unlimited abundance on a spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, physical and individual level.

It is time to discover true freedom. It is time to go beyond the panacea of social, political and religious rhetoric and of old world beliefs that will no longer be supported by the Spiritual Energy of this dawning New Age.

It is time to rise into heavenly state of awareness and bring heaven onto earth while we are still embodied within these temples of light we call our physical bodies. It is time to claim the promises of Jesus the Christ, "First seek the Kingdom of Heaven, and then all things shall be added unto you," and of the Upanishads, "The state of liberation is one which we can attain here on earth."

To a mystic with eyes turned inward to infinity and cosmic consciousness, these words are not only simply stated but veiled in great meaning. Spiritual freedom creates no ideologies, no dissenting philosophies, no moralistic interpretations which divide, corrupt or destroy communication between human souls.

No governments are upturned, no faiths cut down by the sword, no sects eliminated. Only a personal revelation between the cosmos and a living soul, which flames quietly, bringing a lifetime of contentment and a realization that nothing in this world is worth exchanging for that attainment. This is our meaning of serenity which, peacefully surpasses all human understanding.

The last two paragraphs have been taken from the Divine Creed of my old Alma Mater, The Church of Divine Man (Berkeley Psychic Institute). They were written by the Rev. Lewis S. Bostwick who founded that organization.

Inner Revelations, Inc.
(A California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.)
San Jose, CA. • (408) 332 and 6208

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