Directing Your Life Force Energy
Energy Healing

Learn to do an energy healing on others, without taking on their energy and problems. Learn how to help others without getting trashed yourself. Learn to give of yourself, without taking from yourself.

In this class, you will learn the concepts of energy healing, and how not to take on the energy of other people. (most people do this all day long, and then take home the problems of the people they have been around!)

Learn how to "clear" out the energy that you do pick up from working with people, or just regularly during your daily activities. Extremely important for Healthcare and Healing professionals; and those that deal with the public in their work.

You will learn to "ground" the other person in a safe way, and clean out their chakras, their aura and energy channels. The effect is kind of like a "dry cleaning". As you give a healing to another, you also receive a healing by reciprocation. Anyone can do it. It is very simple to learn. By the end of this class, you will be doing energy healings.

Easy, simple, fun, cleansing & energizing!

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