Dateline NBC Video Program
Hypnosis & Childbirth
(Aired September 1999)

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If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am available to provide the HypnoBirthing training to individuals and groups. If you are located in another area and are not working with a HypnoBirthing Professional and are in need of the BypnoBirthing material, I can provide that for you if you so desire.

There is no substitute for the live presense of a good Hypnotherapist who has specialized in HypnoBirthing, but if you cannot avail of one, then the next best thing is to get the material.

HypnoBirthing® is the best way, of all the birthing methods available,
to give a comfortable birth to a peaceful child!

The entire segment is about 20 minutes long, and is divided up into 2 parts (which were seperated by a commercial break).

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