HypnoBirthing® Babies

Some of the HypnoBirthing® Babies and what their parents had to say about the process...

I want to thank you for all your help in preparing me for Yara's passage. It made such a great difference.
Jill, Gregory & Yara, Petaluma, CA

I have really discovered my true abilities to relax through this class. Harpreet embodies a peaceful spirit of oneness and love that reassures you of your own personal strength and power. I beleive I can accomplish anything through the spirit of love and through the reflection of Harpreet and the energy of his work. I know that I am not alone on my path to oneness with our universe.
Lisa S., Oakland, CA

Once again, we thank you dearly. The course really helped me to replace my fears around birthing, with genuine beliefs of it being a calm, relaxing and peaceful environment. The fear of birthing lessened, if not completely disappeared. We acquired great techniques for bringing me into deep relaxation with natural anesthetic benefits.. We received a good structure for me and Steve to work with together during the birth process. It bonded us. I learned to trudt the natural process of the body. The course helped me identify and release old and current fears around (a) pregnancy, (b) birthing, and (c) our partnesship during this time... I loved the videos. The class rocked
Rachael & Steve, A., Mill Valley, CA

Thank you for sharing this with me, Harpreet!! I absolutely could NOT have
done SO beautifully for my 22 hours without HB, and makes me feel great to
know that another woman, even a HB trainer (!) went thru similiar
circumstances, and sees it all as a great blend of HB and medical
intervention. I, without a doubt, feel NO remorse or regret about the way
Sonya's birth went -- I feel elated (!) and I feel the HB and everything
that transpired during her birth was perfect! I thank you for sending this
similiar "success" story to me!
Love, Rachael

These are some of the things that I liked about the hypnobirthing training:

1) you came to our house because my doctor had put me on bed rest; which made it really convenient and comfortable
2) you set a friendly, casual and relaxing tone for each class, and you brought humor to it
3) the exercises we did were effective in allowing us to experience deep relaxation as well as effective in learning to do it ourselves which inspired confidence in us regarding the birth process as well in your skills as a hypnotherapist. the process piqued our interest in doing our own training in hypnotherapy.
4) the cd you provided has been very effective for relaxing me and as suggested, more quickly and more deeply each time i use it (and since it feels good, i make time to do it---there's a great pay-off).
5) the classes seemed to cover all important aspects of the hypnobirthing process and practice
6) you were sensitive and respectful of Sheldon and I as individuals, and as a couple and sensitive to our mood on any given day; one day we started out in crappy moods and you worked on that.
7) the time was well-used and lessons were well-sequenced
8) overall, the class was not only informative and interesting, but fun and of course, relaxing; it think it always left me feeling better than when i started

Sheldon's feedback is that he "never slept so well"...

Harpreet, thanks for the instruction and for what you brought to it. We both really enjoyed working with you. More feedback after the birth process...

Been meaning to get in touch to let you know how the birth went, but first there was recovery and baby to care for, then lots of visitors and baby to care for (and just baby to care for, actually is quite enough to prevent things from getting done). The first thing I can tell you is that the hypnobirthing and hypnotherapy I did with you and Sheldon really did help with the whole birth process. There is no way I could have gone so long without an epidural had I not been practicing how to relax and focus. It really came in handy, to say the least!

Anyhoo, I ended up going two weeks "late" and on the 14th day, I did the castor oil inducement. I was in labor by noon and my water broke around 6 pm. I went to the hospital shortly after that w/ Sheldon and my doula. After several hours of laboring, but not advancing, Jeri suggested that I stay the night in the hospital to get some sleep with the help of some morphine . I didn't end up sleeping much due to really strong contractions, but I did nod off, on and off, through the late morning. Anyhow, labor went on and on and on and by midafternoon they hooked me and the baby up to monitors. This part I hated because I was no longer allowed in the shower and wouldn't be for the remainder of the birth process. Finally, at 11 p.m. I was ready to start pushing. I did so for two and half hours without the baby advancing enough; there was a lot of moulding and he kept hitting my pelvic bone and then going backward and his heart rate was starting to drop. It was also assessed that the baby wasn't the 7 pounder we'd expected but something closer to 10 pounds. Jeri told me that as she saw it, I could push for another hour with the outcome either being that the baby would be out far enough for them to use a vacuum, or it would be necessary to have a c section. My other option was to just stop pushing at that point and have the c section. Since pushing for another hour could both potentially harm the baby AND result in a c section I opted to stop and have surgery. I was concerned about the baby's heart rate and exhausted. So, 36 hours after beginning labor, Gryphon August Orion Kawazumi Norberg was born (September 15th, 1:29 a.m.) at 9 pounds, 9 ounces; his head shaped like a bee hive!

We both ended up staying in the hospital for 5 grueling days. Me, because of blood loss during surgery (they inadvertently popped a cyst full of blood and had to clean up some of the endometriosis in order to suture me--they didn't know about either the endometriosis or the fibroid prior to cutting me open; apparently patient charts are not for reading) and Gryphon due to being taken to the ICU for 3 days for treatment of a potential infection that he in the end, did not have; that was the biggest ordeal of all--very traumatic with all of their poking and prodding of our little baby. It was really awful to witness that and to have him taken away.

We were all really grateful to get home and finally get some rest and some undisturbed bonding time. In the end, it took me about 3 1/2 weeks to recover from surgery, but now I'm completely well, (except for a virus I've contracted), Sheldon is well and Gryphon is great. Although sleep deprived, we're having a lot of fun and Gryphon is just gorgeous. We love him to death!

Hope this finds you well.

Take care and thanks again for the class,