Come say Hello! to your Energy!

Kundalini Energy I

What is it?
Kundalini Energy is the body's natural healing energy. It is a very physical and powerful level of energy and is easily felt within the body when it is consciously activated. It works continuously to correct energy blocks within the Kundalini channels of the body and thereby the health of the entire body.

It has been called many names such as the serpent's power, the sex energy, charisma, psychic energy, etc. These are metaphorical names but do not convey the real nature of this energy. It is what makes you feel real. A better name would be the "Reality" energy.

It is a powerful energy that clears the mind of cobwebs, the body of inertia and fills the spirit with renewal. It is also the energy that is responsible for the evolution of the cells of your body.

It is the atomic energy of the body.

What will you learn? This two day workshop is a fabulous introduction to the most powerful energy in your body. Come and have an experience that you will not forget. Become aware of this energy and learn to consciously use and direct it for self healing and greater awareness.

Learn how to consciously activate it and "run" it in your body.
Come and experience it!

You will also be introduced to the concept of grounding your body on an energy level!

Easy, simple, fun, cleansing & energizing!

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