The Meditation Class

One of the first questions that people always ask me is:
What kind of meditation do you teach?

This is not quite simple to answer as most people do not know what meditation practices are taught and what the differences are between them. You would have sit through them to understand.

In my tenure as a student of life, I have come across many, many different types of meditation practices.

Generally the word meditation conjures up images of people in India, sitting cross legged on the floor with their eyes closed. That is not what I teach.

The way I teach meditation is somewhat different. Its because I wanted to make it as simple and as effective as possible, first for me, and then for people who are starting out anew, especially in America. This process will also work very well for those who have been meditating for a long time, and help them go deeper.

What IS meditation?
Google gives the following:

noun: meditation
the action or practice of meditating."a life of meditation"
synonyms: contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, deliberation, rumination, brooding, reverie, brown study, concentration;

It is none of these things. This is closer to focussed or deep thinking. It is not meditation.

As you may guess, there is no authoritative definition of the process of meditation, and it becomes subjective at some point.

Why Meditation:
There is an awesome set of books called "the Course of Miracles". It states on its Introduction:

This is required Course...
Only the time you choose to take is up to you.

That is exactly how I see it as well. At some point, in some incarnation you will have to be undertaking Meditation.

As far as I know from my life experience and that which I draw forth from previous life times, this is the only way out... or rather in. There is no other way.

All the answers we are looking for, are already stashed inside us. There was a joke floating around when I was first in spiritual school:


God was talking to to his angels, and he was asking them: " Where should I put the knowledge of the Secrets of Life".

One of the angels said, "You should put it out in the outer reaches of the sky. Far away from man. He'll never find it."

God said: "No... he is pretty smart. He will eventually figure out how to get there".

Another angel said: "Why not put it at the bottom of the ocean. He'll never find it there."

God said: "No ... He is pretty smart. He get down there eventually."

Then another said: "Why not put it within him. He'll never think of looking there."


Of course this is ridiculous and trite. but it makes so much sense. When we are attempting to look for answers, we never think to look inwards to ourselves, do we? Thats because of our training and conditioning from our schools, parents, friends, media and governments have all conditioned us to look for authority outside ourselves. We don't know what to do.... Some one else is usually the expert.

Meditation to me is:

- Learning to relax the body
- Stilling the mind & Harnessing the runaway thoughts.
- Calming the emotions
- Connecting with the body on a cellular level.
- Grounding the body on an energy level.
- Connecting with the life force energy that is in and around your body.
- Allowing the life force energy (prana / chi / ki) to flow in your energy channels.
- Becoming aware of the Chakras and working with them

These are different stages that I teach in my meditation classes. And it goes beyond this as well, but this will suffice for now.

Remember that the body is an Electro-Chemical entity. It is a chemical factory to begin with, and everything in the body works off of electricity, in the form of neural impulses. Not a single action or movement can be taken or a thought thunk, without setting off a neural impulse or a spark of electrical energy by the brain through the nervous system.


Like any other electrical system, the body is in need of grounding as well, just as all other electrical appliances and systems need to be grounded. That is why there is a third prong in all electrical outlets. This "grounds" the appliance to the earth. All homes have a lightening arrestor at the top of the house that is connected to the earth, so that the energy of any damaging lightening strike should be harmlessly be drained to the earth, else the house will burst into flames.

We all have an electro-magnetic energy fields around our bodies. In the East, it is called the Aura. You see this in a symbolic form in medieval art, where paintings of Saints have a halo around their heads. This halo symbolizes or represents the Aura.

When the Body is not grounded, the energy starts building up around it, kind of like static. People feel this as a fuzzy feeling, or have a difficult time articulating thoughts, or feeling spacey or unable to focus or lacking clarity!

So grounding is one of the first, most important and simple techniques that one must learn at the outset. Once the person starts to practice grounding, then their mind and emotions start to calm down to some degree, all by themselves.


Once grounding is being practiced, it is much easier to become still in the mind. Meditation is not thinking. It is harnessing the thoughts so that they are not running around like crazy in your head. This is the first stage of meditation!

And there are many more to go.... :-)

Not to fret. There is no goal to reach, but just being right here, right now within your own self.

Learning to be at peace with yourself, wherever you maybe in your life.... irrespective of your social standing, your bank account, your relationship status and so on.

This is what is within the province of meditation.


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