Directing Your Life Force Energy
Running Energy

Here you will learn about the first and basic tools & concepts of energy work, such as grounding your body on an energy level, becoming aware of your aura or energy field, the energy channels and chakras in your body.

You will learn to become aware of and "run" or direct your earth & cosmic energies (Life Force Energy/Universal Energy) through your body, and experience the qualities of each. You will learn to release foreign and/or negative energies and influences from your energy field. You will learn to increase your sensitivity to energy fields and practice feeling other peoples auras in class. You will learn to ground your body for your safety.

Another aspect that you will learn in this class is how to define (protect, mark off) your energy space so that you maintain a sense of energetic seperation from the people that you interact with (co-workers, healing work, counselling or therapy). This is neccessary so that you don't take home their energy with you or give away your energy to them...

The result of the Running Energy I class is a wonderful inner sense of cleanliness, as if you had taken an internal shower.

You are comprised of an earthly body and a cosmic being. This is a fabulous gift to yourself if you have ever been interested in your spiritual and/or psychic abilities. Call now and register!

Easy, simple, fun, cleansing & energizing!

It builds your awareness of yourself as a Spirit!

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