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What people are saying about this recording

"Listening to Rev. Harpreet's Relaxation Tape was a much needed and pleasurable experience. It is a
soothing reminder to take time for yourself."

M. L., Graphics Designer

The tape helps me tune into my body and takes the focus away from all the things I think I need to think about, and puts it on the fact that I can feel totally relaxed in my body.  I use the 20 min. tape as an easy way to remind myself how calm I can be, and have used the technique it describes to become more calm and laid back in social situations.  The ability to be "within yourself" and slow yourself down is credited by top athletes as something that helps them perform under pressure, and with this tape I get a taste of how I can use that in my life. If you do not already have a method of slowing yourself down in stressful situations. I highly recommend this tape.

K. B., Global Software Support

I've listened to and purchased a lot of meditation and music recordings. both as a musician and as a meditator. A lot of these you can use for a while and then you tire of them; but yours I could use for a long time. There seem to be a lot of different levels that you could use this tape on. I believe that it won't get stale on me like many of the other tapes I have purchased. Its not gimmicky! Your tape is very practical.

K. W., Musician/Teacher

"I often feel I'm too busy to take the time to relax, but I have found that when I do let myself listen to this tape, it's time very well spent. I am alert and relaxed and able to focus on what I am doing. There is something very soothing about this tape - it really helped me let go into a very deep relaxation state - and that isn't normally easy for me to do! I can listen to this tape in the afternoon in place of a nap and feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards; or I can listen to it at night to help me sleep when I find it hard to shut down the mind. Both ways have helped me a great deal! Thanks Harpreet!"

M. H., Fabric Designer/Teacher

Check it out for yourself! What have you got to loose, except the aggravation and the stress...

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Easy, simple, fun, cleansing & energizing!

It builds your awareness of yourself as a Spirit!

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