Come say "Hello" to your Energy!

The Grounding Technique

What is it?
An incredible simple and profound technique to help you "ground" your life force energy field or aura to the center of the earth. A very stabilizing experience. (It is the first step to the process called Running Your Life Force Energy In Your Body.)

Why should one practice grounding?
Your body works on electricity that flows through the nerves and the brain. When one gets overloaded with other people's energy or problems or electricity or static, one tends to get overwhelmed with too much input to sort out. Usually, they are told to relax or take a pill that helps them relax. This does not solve the problem, but simply makes it appear, temporarily, that the problem is not there.... It helps create a delusion.

The practice of grounding helps to drain the body's systems of the excess charge, other people's energy and problems, and restore stability to the emotional and mental state

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Easy, simple, fun, cleansing & energizing!

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