The Renewing Of Yourself

Ever wonder why it is so difficult to make changes in your life?

You see what you want so clearly, but you can't sem to bring it into reality...

You make tons of new year resolutions, only to have them fade away in a week or two...

In the past, there were many things that you had set into motion against yourself, unknowingly or unconsciously, that are holding you back now... They could be part of the negative thinking and feelings that you entertained, or that which you got with the genetic package or that which you socially and culturally imbibed.

This is a incredible and very enlightening tape set that introduces the unseen laws of energy that govern us...

Rev. Marc Reymont and Chris Phelan explain these "unseen" cosmic laws of energy and how we can take advantage of them; more readily at a certain time of the year when the cosmic forces are aligned for change on the entire planet. That time being the period of the Winter Solstice. Why not go with the flow! Even if this is not the time fo the Winter Solstice, this information and the principles are extremely pertinent and valuable, and should be put to use right away!!

You are given specific exercises and instructions in how to bring about the lasting change in your life that you desire, deliberately and consciously. Learn how to create consciously!!

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